©2016 by Mia Milan

"Each Of Us Is Born With A Box Of Matches Inside Us But We Can't Strike Them All By Ourselves"

-Laura Esquivel


Welcome, I am pleased that something about me has sparked desire in you. I am a lover of all things sensual in life and hope to share that love with you.  
I aim to create a genuine, non rushed date-like encounter.  I enjoy wine and stimulating conversation and creating a relaxing environment where you are free to be your truest self.  I consider my self to be a temporary companion for those seeking a deeper connection with no strings attached.

Eyes: Green
Race- White (Italian heritage)
Breasts- 34 C (All natural)
Hair- Long (All natural)
Body- fit yet soft
Personality- INFJ


Your Temporary Girlfriend


“there was no doubt in my mind who Mia was in that public reception area seated comfortably. The most perfectly and divinely dressed creature in view. :) Form fitting black dress, amply long legs crossed with matching flats, and flawless makeup. She looked every bit what I imagined the swimsuit model would appear, but impeccably groomed like a movie star."

​-Atypical1 10/06/15

“I highly recommend. Mia has model good looks (really strikingly beautiful with a classic Southern European look), a killer body, is a truly nice person. If you are searching for that combination, your search can stop here."

​-Hardknocks6 07/21/18

"She is amazing, intelligent, articulate, and very, genuine.  She is a very beautiful woman and very beautiful person."

-DrRichardGrey 12/13/17